Weissenstadt GELO timber factory in Weißenstadt / Fichtelgebirge Our timber factory lies in Weißenstadt, in the heart of virgin nature in the valley of the river Eger
Gelo Hobelwerk GELO Planing works Our modern industrial planing factory is highly automated and can quickly deliver quality planed products ranging from boards to KVH construction timber.
Konstruktionsvollholz KVH® - construction timber KVH is technically dried and dimensionally stable construction timber that undergoes a number of stringent tests and thus fulfills the highest requirements
Gelo Markenprodukt GELO timber factory The GELO timber factory in Fichtelgebirge in Upper Franconia draws on indigenous and ecological timber
Gelo Webcam GELO Webcam Weißenstadt Our Webcam offers an insight in the GELO plant in Weißenstadt in Fichtelgebirge.
Gelo Service GELO Service We also provide information about certificates, CE conformity papers; as well as KVH info folders, GELO image brochures, and advertisements and further information about wood in general