Bulk Material and Wood Residuals

Although at first sight, they seem to be a waste product of the timber manufacturing process, our wood residuals are a highly sought-after resource. Wood chips, shavings, and sawdust serve as raw material for the paper and pulp industry, and as the main component for chipboard production. Even the bark is processed to biological garden mold. Thus, nothing is lost, and every raw material is designated to be put to a meaningful use.

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Bark Mulch and Mill Shavings

Our bark mulch comes from the bark of spruce trees and is commonly used for designing outside areas such as gardens and parks, for decorating purposes, and for biological weed control. Bark mulch is absolutely naturally produced and processed, and it is therefore perfectly safe for usage on children’s playgrounds as well.

Apart from the use in OSB and MDS particleboards, we can even use our mill shavings as solid fuel for our company owned combustor.

Sawdust, Wood Chips and Timber Disks

Sawdust is a byproducts of spruce wood. We deliver an unsifted product that is always fresh and bright. Sawdust is used as litter material in industrial enterprises and animal housing.

We deliver our bright and guaranteed fresh quality wood chips barkless and sifted. Wood chips offer ideal qualities for the use in riding stables and for industrial processing.

Among other things, timber disks are the result of investigating every new log on its wood quality. Apart from their use for the production of OSB and MDS boards, timber disks are also popular as fresh and unsplit firewood. We gladly make timber disks available for pick-up by our customers.

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