Quality & Sustainability

Quality & Sustainability

High-Quality & Sustainable Timber From GELO

To harvest a tree means to ensure quality of life in a eco-friendly way. Timber products from our home-region is good for body and mind.

GELO’s timber products are manufactured in tune with nature. There is no other material with a better ecological footprint than timber!

    • Timber from Fichtelgebirge
    • Siberian Larch from certified areas
    • Certified Sustainability
    • Production and Finishing inhouse

We Simply Love Timber.

Every boards and every rafter is different, since every tree is unique – just like us humans. We make sure to bring out the best in every timber product.

We know what we owe to the fantastic material and thus process our timber with great care and only the best machines. GELO timber doesn’t need to be planed to look great!

What makes GELO so special? We are able to fulfill almost every special request! You want a very small board or your rafter needs to be 14 metres long? GELO can deliver that!

Even Byproducts Are Used

There is no waste in the GELO facilities! Mill shavings are turned into fire starters in our subsidiary factory ZARELO. Fine shavings and sawdust are pressed into pellets to bring sustainable energy to private and commercial buildings. This is our way to contribute to sustainability.

High-Quality Manufacturing

We are proud to have a complaint ratio of less than one percent, which is by far better than the average of the timber industry! It is our corporate philosophy to allocate the order to the material, not the reverse. We treat the resource timber with respect, and for every single piece, we decide anew what for it may be used best.

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