of the year 2022

Awarded by the Holzkurier ("Wood Courier")

The international specialist journal Holzkurier ("Wood Courier") has awarded us the seal "Sawmill of the Year 2022". We were chosen from more than 1.000 eligible participants. And we‘re were proud of it! The jury of experts that has decided whom to give the award to provides the following reason as to why we were chosen: "All these facts – the aspect of sustainability in Wunsiedel, the strategic focus on weak wood, the difficult time of assembly [during the Covid pandemic], and the flawless start together with the machine suppliers – were the reasons why the Holzkurier editorial staff named GELO Timber sawmill of the year 2022. Show Article in German Language

We are

GELO Holzwerke

First-mover in sustainability

GELO is a regional company in Weissenstadt with a love for wood since 1898. We had many ups and downs since our founding and evolved from a typical craft producer to a modern and fully integrated industrial wood-producer.

  • First sawmill with a PEFC-certificate
  • 2 sites in the Fichtel Mountains
  • More than 120 years of industrial expertise

New standards for a producer with tradition

GELO Weißenstadt was the first German sawmill to get the sought-after PEFC sustainability certificate in 2001. Our goal with the new sawmill GELO Timber in Wunsiedel is to set new standards – not to be in the spotlight, but to inspire others! Sustainability and the timber industry belong together!
most modern

GELO Timber
in Wunsiedel

Europes most modern sawmill

It only took one year – during the Covid pandemic – to set up a sawmill that unites the principles of “Industry 4.0“ and sustainability in a visionary way. GELO Timber is located in the north of Bavaria, in Wunsiedel in the Fichtel Mountains, which is one of the most densely wooded areas of Germany.

  • Est. 2019
  • Europes most modern sawmill
  • Located in Wunsiedel, Bavaria
made in Franconia

Quality slats

Smallwood turns into stable boards (gluelam-stats)

GELO Timber specialises in weak wood processing from 100 % sustainable forestry. We turn trunks with a diameter of 8-25cm into stable and robust laminated timber slats which we supply to our partners around the world.

  • Diameter of trunks 8-25cm
  • Lenght of trunks 2,5-5,3m
  • 100% sustainable forestry

Setting the standard

Europes most sustainable sawmill

GELO Timber is part of Energiepark Wunsiedel, the German "Silicon Valley" for renewable energy. Energiepark Wunsiedel supplies the region of Wunsiedel and our sawmill with energy from biomass, wind, solar and green (CO2-neutral) hydrogen - and the energy can be stored.

What's so special?

We don't just use wood from sustainable forestry. Our gantry crane and our forklifts run electrically from renewable energy sources. Even the heat needed for our drying chambers comes from the neighboring Energiepark. What is special about it? The heat comes from our "production waste" - sawdust and wood chips. It is directly pressed to pellets by one of our partners. This produces heat as a side effect, which is in turn used to dry the timber we use. Because this is done on site, we can cut down on 7.000 truck drives and save tons of CO2!

Sawmill 4.0

Modern technology is key

How can a team of just 11 employees run a highly efficient sawmill – with a cutting rate of 350.000 cubic meters per year? It's possible – thanks to a trusted team of specialists (we call them "HEROES OF TIMBER") and cutting-edge technology from our world-market leading partners.



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GELO Sägewerk des Jahres 2022